How to Give

You know the importance of having educated oral health professionals, reliable clinical care, innovative research, and access to care. By supporting the College of Dentistry, you are ensuring that education, clinical care services, and research continue to be improved and advanced.  You can support today's dental students by giving today.  You can make a difference.  To find out more on how to change a dental student's life, contact Anu Kashyap, Development Officer in the College of Dentistry at (306) 966-4001 or or give online. 

Funding Priorities

Your support to the only training facility for dentists in Saskatchewan, builds a strong program and environment for the next generation of dentists to succeed.  Together, you will enable us to continue to be a leader in dental education.  Your investment to the College of Dentistry is essential and plays an important role in educating dental professionals who meet the oral health care needs of our local communities.  Gifts to the college have a profound and immediate impact on vital initiatives such as student scholarships, leading-edge technology, community outreach programs, research, and other important endeavors, which are of great benefit to all of us.

Educational Clinics & Infrastructure

Your gift to the Infrastructure Revitalization Fund will help make a positive change through capital and equipment enhancements. Now is the time to create a student learning environment that matches the superior dental education received. Your generosity to this fund will support innovative projects to upgrade the student educational clinics including new equipment and major renovations in the College of Dentistry.

Student Awards

Learning the art and science of dentistry is a full-time pursuit. The average dental student will graduate with over $150,000 of debt. By supporting students, you will relieve some of the financial stress and give them time focus on their studies rather than their debt level. The Annual Fund provides financial support through scholarships called The Opportunity Award to first and second year dental students. You are helping students during a time when they need it most, and they are truly grateful.


The Dean’s Fund was established to provide support to the College of Dentistry in a variety of ways. Each year we receive requests for initiatives that do not fall into any one category of funding that enrich the student experience. This fund gives the dean the opportunity to help the College to carry out special activities that further their professional and academic learning to ultimately benefit students.

Access to Care and Outreach

You will make a difference in our community by providing dental care to those in need in our community while enhancing the education of dental students. Your generosity to The Outreach Fund will provide access to care for patients who can't afford service including but not limited to, new Canadians and Aboriginal peoples. It will also provide support to the other College of Dentistry outreach programs. In the summer of 2016, donations from here reduced barriers to oral health care for over 100 new Canadians. Your gift allows someone who would otherwise not be able to afford oral health care this opportunity.