Continuing Professional Dental Education is a partnership between the CDSS and the College. As it is the College’s vision to be a leader in dental education and professional support, it provided the perfect synergy to have the College take the lead on Continuing Professional Dental Education.  The course calendar is vetted and approved by both institutions.

In terms of coming up with subject matter for the course calendar – this is determined by you the membership and the dental community. Input on subject matter is taken from surveys of previously held CE courses, suggestions from professors here at the College and from direct correspondence with myself from the membership. As always, I encourage you to give your ideas and suggestions so that we are providing courses that you would want to attend.

If you would like to play a more substantial part in Continuing Professional Dental Education please contact me directly to discuss further. I am a resource that can be utilized in terms of planning, marketing communications, logistics and administration.

If you have any other comments or questions about CE, please contact me.

Best Regards,

Jason Korte
Continuing Professional Dental Education Coordinator