Picture of Dr. Renata Grazziotin

Dr. Renata Grazziotin MSc, PhD, DDS Assistant Professor

Dr. Grazziotin is Assistant Professor at the College of Dentistry. She joined USask in 2017 to work in the discipline of endodontics. In 2019 she moved to the US to join University of Florida operative dentistry as a resident. Her passion for USask made her come back to the College in 2020 to coordinate an endodontics course and to share knowledge in operative dentistry. Dr. Grazziotin is also proud to have worked as a post-doctoral fellow (dental education) at the University of California San Francisco-UCSF in 2015-2016; and as a research fellow (dental materials) at Cardiff University U.K. in 2011-2012. Dr. Grazziotin is originally from Brazil where she worked in the academic field for more than 10 years (including being a tenured-professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul UFRGS). She earned her degrees in Brazil: DDS (Federal University of Santa Maria- UFSM, 2001); Diploma in Endodontics (Brazilian Society of Dental Surgeons- Sobracid, 2006); MSc Endodontics (Lutheran University of Brazil-ULBRA, 2008); and PhD Endodontics (Lutheran University of Brazil-ULBRA, 2012). Dr. Grazziotin`s teaching responsibilities and research interests include synchrotron images for dentistry, dental materials, inter-relation endodontics-restorative dentistry and dental education – working mainly with confidence and visual methods.

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