Welcome to Clinic 120

The College of Dentistry’s new General Practice Residency (GPR) clinic.

The College of Dentistry will host an event in early 2017 to mark the official opening of the new General Practice Residency (GPR) clinic, a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide the best possible training for residents and the best possible care for patients. 

Called Clinic 120 Health Sciences Dental Centre, the facility is located on the main floor of the college and augments the existing Royal University Hospital dental clinic. In addition to being a space for teaching, learning and patient care, Clinic 120 advances the growing recognition of the role of dentistry in the human health-care system, a critical step according to the GPR program director. 

“It’s exciting for the university community to have a dental clinic grounded right within Health Sciences,” said Dr. Mohan Teekasingh. “It is great exposure for dentistry and reinforces that dentistry is part of health care.” 

Adding a second facility in the college that will operate in tandem with the hospital clinic will enhance the services available to patients as well as the learning opportunities for residents. 

“Having access to these new facilities will allow for us to provide more efficient treatment in a more comfortable setting,” said 2016-17 resident, Dr. Josh Kirkpatrick. “I'm excited to use state-of-the-art facilities to provide treatment because it will benefit the patients as well as give the residents experience for the future.” 

Funding for the development of Clinic 120 was provided by donations made to the College of Dentistry Infrastructure Revitalization Fund. 

Darcie Reynolds, a GPR dental assistant, believes that in addition to enhancing the training opportunities for residents and service offerings, the clinic will be of particular benefit to patients who are often at their most vulnerable. 

“A lot of the patients we see are very nervous about their upcoming treatment and I think it will help put them at ease if they have confidence in the staff and the equipment being used on them,” she said. “It will be fantastic for those working in this clinic and for those receiving treatment there.”

For more information about donating to the College of Dentistry Infrastructure Revitalization Fund, contact:

Stacey Schewaga 
Leadership Giving and Donor Relations Officer 

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