Dental Clinics

Helping Patients While Enhancing the Student Experience

“Professional! My dental student is a perfectionist. I never had a question or concern. I felt very relaxed.“
Colleen Bray
Student Treatment Clinic Patient 

Campus Clinics

The Dental Education Clinic

The College of Dentistry’s Dental Education Clinic is a full service educational facility.

Dental Faculty Practice Clinic

Patients are provided current evidence-based care from our dental faculty. 

Community Dental Clinics

Prince Albert Campus Dental Clinic

The Prince Albert Clinic is now open and accepting patients. 

Saskatoon West Dental Clinic

Built and operated on a private practice model, Saskatoon West Dental is owned by the USask College of Dentistry. 

Helping Patients While Enhancing the Student Experience

At USask dental clinics patients are provided up-to-date and evidence-based care by students under the supervision of licensed dentists.

A wide range of dental patients receive specialized care at the USask dental clinics. Community members receive treatment at the Student Treatment Clinic for reducted rates.  Saskatoon West Dental Clinic is focused on providing inclusive care to priority populations in a culturally appropriate manner.

The quality of education provided to the new generation of USask dental graduates strives to enhance both the patient and student experience.