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The University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry is a community where students, faculty, and staff realize their full potential. It is a leader in innovative professional training, research, interdisciplinary collaboration, outreach and engagement. 

The College of Dentistry’s programs have grown to meet the needs of its city and province. In addition to the Doctor of Dentistry Medicine (DMD) program, the college offers degree programs including a Bachelor of Science in Dentistry, Bachelor of Science in Dental Therapy (beginning Sept. 2023), the Precision Oral and System Health PhD program, and the International Dental Degree Program (DMD). A 10-month Dental Assisting certificate program shows the college’s commitment to providing a full spectrum of integrated oral health care training.

With smaller class sizes than most Canadian and U.S. dental schools, students receive a personalized education through targeted interactions with professors and patients and greater exposure to all dental disciplines. The college is the only USask school offering direct patient care, with the Dental Education Clinic receiving more than 12,000 visits annually. The level of clinical experience for students provided by USask's College of Dentistry is among the best in Canada, and graduates naturally transition into professional practice because of this enriched clinical experience.

The unique class setting and integrated programming nurtures close-knit relationships between classmates and establishes the sense of community that exists within the dental profession. The creation of a strong tie to the college benefits both students and the college.

The College of Dentistry is one of the colleges that comprise USask’s Health Sciences cluster of colleges and schools offering degrees and research opportunities in programs ranging from Medicine and Nursing to Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.

Strategic Plan

Building on Strength – Improving Tomorrow

This College of Dentistry strategic plan guides our focus for inclusive community care.

Priority 1
Become Canada’s leader in Inclusive Community Care

Priority 2
Expand educational programming

Priority 3
Expand research capacity and output

Priority 4
College revitalization and enhancement

Priority 5
Uplift the needs, preferences and aspirations of Indigenous people

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To graduate future-ready, highly experienced oral health professionals committed to care for all people.

Our Vision

To make a difference in the world by including those that others ignore, discovering better ways to improve health, and training skilled, compassionate leaders and professionals.

Our Shared Values

  • Transformative, evidence-based health-care standards
  • Compassion for those we serve
  • Respect for all in principle and practice
  • Enhance diversity and foster inclusion
  • Prioritize wellness
  • Accountable for student success
  • Uncompromised honesty and professionalism
  • Ally for reconciliation
  • Empowerment through collaboration
  • Impactful innovation

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The college emphasizes community outreach and engagement by providing accessible dental care to marginalized groups and the residents of communities ranging from Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods to northern towns. Initiatives include the Saskatoon West Dental Clinic as well as clinic partnerships with First Nations communities. Through its clinical training program, the College of Dentistry is committed to providing direct clinical care to Indigenous patients.

The college is committed to recruiting students who reflect the overall cultural diversity of Saskatchewan's population. It is dedicated to increasing the success of Indigenous applicants who wish to obtain a dental education. To support this effort, seats are allocated to the admission of students of Indigenous descent.