College of Dentistry

Dr Leticia Boaro has more than 16 years of clinical experience working in private practice. She always valued the evidence-based clinic, and that can be recognized by her degrees academic and clinical degrees. She received a PhD in Dental Materials in 2011, from the University of São Paulo, which encompassed collaborative research activities at Oregon Health and Science University, and at the University of Minnesota. So far, Dr. Boaro's research output has reached 56 full-length, peer-reviewed publications, which have been cited 2891 times, resulting in an H-factor of 21. She served as Assistant Professor at the University of Santo Amaro (São Paulo/Brazil) from 2011 to 2023, and throughout these twelve years of academic experience had the opportunity to supervise PhD degree students, master’s degree students and undergraduate students.


Institution and Location                         Degree               Date Conferred         Degree Major

University of São Paulo, Brazil                DDS                     August 2006             Dentistry          

University of São Paulo, Brazil                Master                  June 2008                Dent. Materials

University of São Paulo, Brazil                PhD                      December 2011        Dent. Materials

University of Santo Amaro, Brazil           Residency              October 2014           Implantology

IPEN - University of São Paulo, Brazil      (post-doc)             May 2017                 Polymers

University of Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil        Residency              April 2018                Endodontology



Current research

Development of nanoparticles capable of release of antibacterial agents based on calcium phosphate, nanoclay and nanosilica.

Mechanical properties of dental materials


Research interests

1. Polymeric dental and biomedical materials-

a) Nanofillers and its capacity for drug release

b)D evelopment of polymeric materials with bioactive properties