College of Dentistry

Dr. Eduardo Moffa is a clinician-scientist with extensive experience in conducting clinical trials related to oral rehabilitation procedures. As a dentist specializing in prosthodontics, his research and teaching endeavors have primarily revolved around the provision and maintenance of treatment for edentulous patients. His continuous engagement in the development of clinical studies since completing his master's degree has equipped him with substantial expertise in coordinating randomized clinical trials. Over the years, he has managed and collaborated on numerous studies in collaboration with researchers from various countries.

Dr. Moffa is a strong advocate for evidence-based dentistry and has a profound interest in clinical trials and translational research. His research interests encompass interventions for the treatment of complete edentulism, whether using dental implants or conventional prostheses. Additionally, he is committed to addressing denture-related infectious diseases, as evidenced by his extensive list of published studies. Beyond his dedication to clinical research, he recognizes the significance of basic research and its relevance to clinical inquiries. Subjects such as biochemistry and materials sciences form the foundational knowledge necessary for investigating new questions in clinical research. As a young scientist, Dr. Moffa's research primarily focuses on safeguarding oral mucosa against microbial infections, particularly through the promotion of oral mucosa protection using bioengineered antimicrobial proteins and peptides.

Dr. Moffa, an enthusiastic proponent of evidence-based dentistry, combines his expertise in scientific methods and clinical skills with a keen interest in microbiology and interdisciplinary approaches. His principal research interests are divided into two main areas:

  1. Investigating which salivary proteins and peptides can adhere to the surfaces of various biomaterials (e.g., zircon, titanium, and bioglass) using high-throughput proteomics and mass spectrometry. He seeks to enhance the performance of these materials within the oral cavity.
  2. Exploring infectious lesions associated with dental prostheses, with a particular focus on Candida-associated conditions like denture stomatitis. These lesions are highly prevalent yet relatively underinvestigated through clinical studies. Dr. Moffa is committed to exploring conservative treatment methods, such as oral hygiene practices and antimicrobial interventions.

Throughout his career, Dr. Moffa has published a wide array of scientific articles in high-impact journals, accumulating more than 970 citations. His substantial contributions have earned him an h-index of 20.


  • (2023) Graduate degree in Orofacial Harmonization (Instituto Orofacial das Américas – São Paulo, Brazil).
  • (2015) Ph.D. (Oral Rehabilitation) (Dental Materials and Prosthodontics). São Paulo State University, Araraquara, Brazil.
  • (2010) M.Sc. (Oral Rehabilitation) (Dental Materials and Prosthodontics). São Paulo State University, Araraquara, Brazil.
  • (2010) Graduate degree in Prosthodontics (Conselho Federal de Odontologia, Brazil).
  • (2007) D.D.S. São Paulo State University, Araraquara, Brazil.

Areas of expertise:

  • Dental implants
  • Patient-based outcomes
  • Prosthodontics
  • Randomized clinical trials
  • Biomaterials