Debbie Loehndorf, Registered Dental Assistant with the College of Dentistry, sterilizes masks for the Saskatoon Open Door Society. (Photo: Michelle Knaus)

College of Dentistry Sterilizes Masks for Saskatoon Open Door Society

The University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry has partnered with the Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) for The Face Mask Project.

The Face Mask Project was initiated by newcomer women at the Women’s Business Hub and has set a goal to create 10,000 cloth face masks that will be distributed to grassroots community organizations in Saskatchewan.

As of April 23, 2020, the college has donated 4,000 sterilization bags to SODS for this project. Volunteers are sewing masks for this project that will be brought back to the College of Dentistry in the sterilization bags provided. The college will proceed to sterilize these masks, so that when they are returned to SODS, the masks are in sealed and sterilized bags. This allows for SODS volunteers to distribute these masks to the community with minimal risk of virus transmission. The college will continue to donate sterilization bags to The Face Mask Project until it reaches its goal of 10,000 masks.

On April 23, 2020, SODS dropped off the first 1,400 masks to the college. The first 250 masks sterilized by the college will be going to residents in La Ronge.

“The College of Dentistry is proud to be a part of this project and working together we will help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Saskatchewan community.” Said Dr. Doug Brothwell, dean of the College of Dentistry. 

For more information on The Face Mask Project visit the SODS website

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