College creates DMD/MBA partnership with Edwards School of Business

The dual-track DMD and MBA opportunity will offer dentists knowledge, management skills for private practice.

A new opportunity will allow future dentists to combine dentistry with the business management skills needed to run a practice.

The College of Dentistry is launching a dual-track Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) option in conjunction with the Edwards School of Business. The opportunity is a first among Canadian dental schools. 

“The DMD/MBA is an important addition to our college’s offerings,” said Dr. Walter Siqueira, dean of the College of Dentistry. “It provides a unique learning experience for students and will be an invaluable support in their eventual transition into professional practice."

Beginning in fall 2023, the DMD/MBA option will be available to applicants on the DMD program’s waitlist. These DMD/MBA candidates will receive provisional DMD admission for the following academic year, contingent on first completing the one-year Edwards MBA program. 

With most graduating dentists going into private practice, the opportunity to complement oral health training with business, leadership and management skills will benefit graduates throughout their careers.

"It is ideal for dentistry candidates who are looking to take their careers to the next level. Graduates of this dual degree program will be well-positioned for successful careers as clinicians, entrepreneurs and leaders in dental organizations," Siqueira said.

The four-year DMD program provides students with training in dental procedures and current techniques. Students receive valuable hands-on experience through direct patient care in the college’s clinic under the supervision of licensed dentists.

The Edwards MBA program allows students to develop skills focussed on how to manage, how to communicate effectively and how to lead. Teambuilding, people skills and business strategy are also important components.

For more information on the DMD program visit the DMD admissions page. Details of the Edwards MBA program are available on that college’s MBA program page.