Renee Ingram USask College of Dentistry Class of 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Renee Ingram's Exceptional Journey from USask Dentistry to Pediatric Dentistry Excellence

USask College of Dentistry Alumni Renee Ingram embarks on a new chapter at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota

By Duane Krip

In the heart of the prairies, where golden fields stretch as far as the eye can see, emerged a resilient spirit named Renee Ingram. Hailing from a farm near Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Renee's journey through the Dentistry program at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) has become a testament to the transformative power of mentorship, support, and the pursuit of excellence.

Renee's story began with three years of undergraduate studies in physiology and pharmacology at USask, laying the groundwork for her entry into the USask Dentistry program. Graduating in June 2023, she has since embarked on an extraordinary path, making meaningful contributions to the field of pediatric dentistry.

Reflecting on her time at USask Dentistry, Renee emphasizes the unique advantage of the USask dental programs, fostering a close-knit community where students form personal connections with faculty members and staff. "I knew nearly all my professors and instructors personally, which made interacting with them easy and comfortable," shares Renee, highlighting the supportive atmosphere that permeates the college.

An engaged member of the Sask Dental Students Society (SDSS), Renee's participation extended beyond academics. Serving as the class president in years 3 and 4, she collaborated closely with deans, associate deans, administrative staff, professors, and supervisors. Through this experience, she gained valuable insights into the complexities of dental education, fostering enduring connections that continue to influence her professional journey.

Renee's dedication to pediatric dentistry manifested in her pursuit of developing her experience in pediatric work. Post-graduation, she joined the Pediatric General Practice Residency program at the IWK Health Center/Dalhousie University in Halifax. Here, she honed her skills in treating a diverse range of pediatric patients, fostering a deepened love for pediatric care.

Looking ahead, Renee is set to embark on a new chapter at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota enrolling in the Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry program in June 2024. Her aspirations extend beyond clinical practice; she envisions creating a safe, comfortable, and accessible space for her pediatric patients, contributing to community health and championing patient-centered care.

When asked about the impact of mentorship and support during her time at USask, Renee emphasizes the faculty's role in fostering mentorship relationships during clinical years. "The patience they have for students is unparalleled," she notes, acknowledging the impact these relationships had on her academic and clinical development.

Her advice for current students echoes the sentiments of resilience and gratitude. "It's a long four years, a tough four years, a stressful four years – but it's only FOUR years," she reassures, emphasizing the importance of attending classes, taking notes, and cherishing the learning experience.

As for what the long-term holds for Renee, she is not sure where life will take her. She explains, “I may end up in Saskatchewan again, or in a neighboring province/state…wherever I do end up, I know it will be close enough to home that I can visit often.”

As Renee Ingram continues to make strides in the world of pediatric dentistry, her story stands as an inspiration for current and future students at USask Dentistry. The hallways that once echoed with her questions and the clinic sessions where mentorship flourished are testaments to the supportive environment that propels students toward success. Renee Ingram's journey is a shining example of how the close-knit community at USask Dentistry can shape not only academic success but also a lasting commitment to excellence in patient care.