Dr. Louie Kriel and Dr. Nicole Kriel

Passing the Torch: A Mother-Daughter Duo Making Their Mark in Dentistry

Dr. Louie Kriel and Dr. Nicole Kriel are an inspiring example for children of dentists who follow their parents career path.

By Duane Krip

In the picturesque city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, a unique and inspiring story unfolds as a mother and daughter duo both find their calling in dentistry. Dr. Louie Kriel, a seasoned dentist with roots in South Africa, and her daughter, Dr. Nicole Kriel, a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry, share their journey of passion, dedication, and familial support in the world of dentistry.

Dr. Louie's Kriel’s Journey

Dr. Louie Kriel, graduated from the University of Pretoria School of Dentistry, South Africa in 1988. Choosing dentistry as her career, she sought a profession that offered a perfect balance between family and work life. Dr. Kriel reflects on the inspiration behind her career choice, emphasizing the importance of a career that allowed her to have both a family and professional success.

Interestingly, Dr. Kriel never imposed her professional aspirations on her daughter, Nicole. She believed in letting Nicole find her own path and pursue her passions. Dr. Kriel recounts how Nicole, growing up in a household where dentistry was a part of daily life, naturally developed an interest in the field around the age of 16.

Expressing concerns about the challenges of dentistry, Dr. Kriel, as a supportive parent, advised Nicole on managing stress effectively and continually improving her skills. As a mentor, she became actively involved in Nicole’s journey through dental school and early career development, fostering a relationship built on mutual respect, trust, shared values, and open communication.

Dr. Nicole Kriel’s Path

Dr. Nicole Kriel, following in her mother’s footsteps, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan College of Dentistry in 2021. Her decision to pursue dentistry was influenced by the positive impact she witnessed her mother have on people’s lives. Growing up with a mother who not only excelled in her profession but also managed to balance career and family life, Nicole found dentistry to be a natural choice.

The decision to become a dentist was entirely Nicole’s, and she emphasizes the absence of any external pressure. Witnessing her mother’s dedication, juggling multiple responsibilities, and putting patients first, Nicole found inspiration in her mother’s skills, patient relationships, and overall impact on the field.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

Like most young people navigating early adult life, Nicole faced challenges during her education and early career, including the struggle to balance work and manage high expectations. Having her mother as a mentor and working alongside her proved invaluable. Louie provided guidance on achieving a healthy work-life balance and shared her experiences to help Nicole navigate challenges effectively.

The Mother-Daughter Professional Dynamic

Working together at the same dental practice has created a unique and rewarding dynamic for the mother-daughter dental duo. Every day is a memorable experience for Dr. Louie, who feels blessed to share her professional journey with her daughter. The two dentists support each other's accomplishments, share insights, and strengthen their bond through discussions about dentistry as a family.

Balancing Act

Nicole shares insights into navigating the balance between family and professional relationships. She highlights the importance of prioritizing patient well-being and quality care while ensuring dedicated family time. Setting boundaries and being accessible to patients during emergencies are crucial aspects of achieving this balance.

Lessons Learned and Future Impact

Nicole acknowledges the most valuable lesson learned from her mother's career—the importance of working hard and striving for the best for patients. Her vision for the future involves upholding the highest standards of patient care, building strong relationships, and contributing to advancements in dental techniques and technologies. Dr. Nicole aspires to be remembered as a compassionate and skilled dentist who made a significant difference in people's lives.

Looking ahead, Dr. Nicole Kriel’s aspires to be as hardworking and compassionate as her mother, aiming to make a positive impact on people's lives. Her goal is to continue her mother’s legacy of being an exceptional dentist, focusing on both technical skills and patient relationships.

The story of Dr. Louie and Dr. Nicole exemplifies the beauty of following one's passion while fostering a supportive family environment. As this mother-daughter duo continues to make their mark in dentistry, they serve as an inspiring example for others navigating the delicate balance between family and professional life. The legacy of dedication, hard work, and compassion in dentistry is sure to endure through the generations of this remarkable family.